image Organization

With your virtual home you can be sure to find all the information you need about your actual home and your household assets. Use HomeShape to store documents, important records, receipts, images and more.  Your HomeShape Advisor will find relevant documentation and digital information for your home and your belongings, too.  No more need to store and to keep track of all those owner manuals and books. HomeShape provides the latest DIY tips and guides for your specific home and everything in it. Have you ever spent time looking up the correct battery for your car or which furnace filter you need?  With HomeShape you browse to your virtual garage or utility room and locate this information fast. 

image New Homes

Homebuilders use HomeShape as a digital repository and Household Maintenance Management System (HMMS™) to provide updates about your build, manage warranty issues and provide household digital documentation including pictures in your private membership account.   With HomeShape you can be sure your builder cares deeply about you as a customer.  There’s no better way to keep what is likely your most valuable asset in tip-top shape.  If you decide to sell your home at a later time make sure you tell your future buyer that the home comes with a HomeShape catalog.  If you're buying a new home remember to ask your builder for a HomeShape catalog as part of the deal!

image Services

As a member you receive recommendations for local service providers that we stand by. We won't recommend them unless they meet our standards and prove they can do the work you need at a fair cost. You don't have time to call around and evaluate service providers, let us do the work for you - it's what we do.  At HomeShape our expert staff analyzes every member's home and assets and uses a proprietary equation to predict when you likely will need services, from there those recommendations will be placed in your calendar.  If you need specific assistance for a project or repair, use the Submit Request link to drop us a line and we'll work with you on a solution. So go on, live your life and love your home with HomeShape!