HomeShape was conceived circa 1997 when the founder went to change his furnace filter and realized while standing in the aisle of a major home improvement big box store, that he had no idea which of the hundreds of filters he needed.  He was there for another reason and thought he should pick up the furnace filter as well.  The next day he opened up the furnace and found the existing filter had no dimensions on it so he got out his tape measure and wrote down the dimensions of the existing one. When he went to the home improvement center he found that the store didn't carry the size.  He went to another store and they didn't have the right size either.  At this point he took a guess and bought one slightly smaller and you guessed it - when he went to install it, it was too small.  Back to the store, this time with the dimensions of the filter housing in hand...and finally he was able to find a filter that fit.  From that spawned the idea that "I should be able to sign up for a service that provides me with all my regular home maintenance items when I need them, automatically."  And HomeShape was born.