Frequently asked questions:

Q: What is the fee for and how will I be charged?

A:  At HomeShape we believe that you should only pay for services you use.  When you become a member you won't be asked to pay anything until your household is set up (your asset items are added and qualified) and our HomeShape advisors are actively providing you with information you need for the best upkeep.  When we provide this information HomeShape will send you an invoice over email.  If you decide you don't see the value we will maintain your account without further advisor support.  This way - pay as you go!

Q:What is HomeShape?

A: is a web based application where you can replicate your home online.  You create your virtual home by adding what we call spaces, your rooms, yard, garage shed, etc.  With your house set up with spaces then you can add your maintainable items, we call assets.  These are the things that you have to perform some kind of action on them to ensure they last and are safe. 

Once you have your virtual home configured then HomeShape advisors and analysis do their work.  They look over your items and build an annualized maintenance plan.  This maintenance plan comes with the schedule of when to do things (i.e. change your water filter) and provides you with the specific filter you need in the form of an order link.  The maintenance plan also comes with a recommended local provider in your area – again, custom to your home – for the more difficult maintenance work, like cleaning the carpet.   Our advisors will also provide owner’s manuals, a picture of your items, and even links to tips about upkeep from places like YouTube or Repair Clinic. 

You can also upload documentation you might have to your assets as well, like a receipt or your own diagram of how you laid out the sprinkler system. 

Finally, our HomeShape advisors are looking out for you to help ensure you stay safe by sending you alerts for things like recalls or emerging trends in failures of certain appliances or class of appliances.

With all of this you now have a single place on the web where you can maintain everything about your home.  And, in the unfortunate situation where you might have an insurance claim or a theft – you will have the details you need at your fingertips.  And when you use the maintenance plan you’ll save time and money avoiding costly repairs.

Q:What about security – most of us these days are really worried about giving out too much information?

A: Yes, it’s totally understandable and it’s the number one priority at HomeShape.  First, all the data is encrypted – so it’s secure from a hacking perspective.  Second, we do not sell or provide any 3rd party access to your data.  And finally, we do not require an address.  All we need is your zip code.  Our advisors and analyst only know your zip code and derive your maintenance plan using that as a key element in the plan equation.

Speaking of Zip code, this is one of leading attributes we use to determine your maintenance needs.  The climate plays a large role in maintenance and other things like hard water will impact your maintenance plan as well.  In addition having the zip code allows us to connect with your local municipality so that we can provide calendar hits of upcoming waste collection dates and other upkeep related events sponsored by your town or city.    

Q: What does it cost?

A: is free.  Later we plan to have fee based upgrade options for premium services like home warranty coverage but we will always have a free membership option.   In fact, we give you awards for using HomeShape!  As you add more and more of you maintainable belongings you collect loyalty points. 

Q: What’s the best way to get started – seems like a lot of work?

A: It does take a little bit of effort to plug in all your stuff.  The best way, if buying a new home, is to ask your builder to provide you a HomeShape membership already pre-populated.  We also provide a service to come and inventory your home.  And if you do it yourself, the best way is to use your smart phone camera and go around the house and take pictures of the manufacture ID tags of each of your items.  Then, come back to your desk and go through the pictures and complete the process all in one session.  From there, when you buy a new item – remember to plug it into HomeShape so you’ll be current with all your maintenance. 

Q: How does HomeShape help me as a home owner?

A: When you become a member you will automatically start to receive personalized information about maintaining your home better.  You will receive alerts and calendar notices about your community that would help you keep up your home more effectively and recalls about your specific appliances, cars and other belongings.

Q: Why does HomeShape want to know my square footage and my age and other information like this?

A: To be able to provide the most accurate personalization of what is needed to keep your home running at peak performance, Your HomeShape Advisor relies on the data.  Answering these questions will provide analytic information to your Home Advisor and our proprietary algorithms in order to return the most relevant and timely information.  Your profile data is not shared with any 3rd party and is kept strictly confidential.  

Q: Can I transfer my account to someone who is buying my home?

A: Yes, go to your profile settings and create a different user name and password for the new owner to use.  Also put in their email address.  Note: it is recommended that you remove your personal items first and only keep the items in the spaces that are staying with the house.

Q: How can HomeShape help me with an insurance claim?

A: When you populate your home spaces with the items you own, the value and an image, you can print this information and provide it to your agency to ensure coverage in case of theft or damage.