Help - Please contact for any other help about HomeShape beyond our guide below.

Become a Member, it's Free!

Once you sign up, you need to confirm it's you via your email.


Once validated - set up your first virtual home!

Click on any room/space or the Create Home button.

You are given several spaces by default to start.  

Choose more to add more to your home or create new spaces if you don't see one you have in your real house.


When you have all the rooms and spaces in your home selected, click Next.

You will then be shown maintainable items to put into your rooms and spaces.

Choose items from the list or create them for each of your spaces.  

You can skip this and come back later if you want. 


The next step is to review what you have entered and then save it. 


This creates your Virtual Home online!


From here you should go further by adding details to each of the items in your home.  

Click on any room or space in your virtual home to see all the items or add more. 

You can also add new spaces from here. 

This is the main view when you come to HomeShape.  

Watch you award points grow as you add items with make, model and serial information.

Your HomeShape advisor will add events to your calendar based on the items you enter and your location zip code. 


When you click on a room (such as your kitchen) you can see all the items you've added. 

Click the Details to open the form to put in information you have about your product. 



Your HomeShape adviser, working with HomeShape analyst, will review your information and set up a maintenance plan for you. 

You may see Events on your calendar for maintenance. 

You may see alerts in your home for important notices such as recalls or other messages. 

You can add links, documents and an image. Your adviser may also provide relevant links, documents and an image. 


Tip:  The best way to get the make model and serial numbers into the form is to use a camera. 


That's it!  

When you buy new maintainable items, add them to HomeShape and your adviser will ensure to start tracking them in your upkeep plan. 

You can also add new spaces or even whole new homes to your profile.  Maybe you own several homes.  Put them all in HomeShape!


Look for calendar event notices from HomeShape about items that need upkeep. 

HomeShape will also notify you when you have collected enough award points to trade in for gifts. 

Add more qualified items and keep collecting points. 

Review your calendar to see when maintenance is needed, what it is, how to do it and what products or services you may need to do the job. 


Watch your awards meter above your virtual home.  When the Redeem but is activated you can order gifts with you points. 


The best time to add a new item to your virtual home is when you buy it and put it in your room or space.  This way your HomeShape adviser will know when to start your warranty.