HomeShape - How it works:

1. Register for a HomeShape membership and fill in the required data.
2. Add your house shapes like rooms or other spaces like the garage or shed or pool.
3. Add all your electrical/mechanical belongings like your furnace, TV, water filter or garage opener.
4. Provide the item details such as the manufacturer and model.
5. Collect points for adding more of your stuff.
6. Trade points for gifts and products.
7. Let HomeShape provide you with information and suggestions on the best way to keep your home running smoothly!

HomeShape will feed you information about your belongings, your neighborhood and your house to help you with managing your home.  We will also provide you with coupons and ads for products that make sense for your specific home such as the best furnace filter to buy and when to replace it.  Use your HomeShape membership regularly to be sure you are maintaining your home and everything in it to its peak performance!