As a member of HomeShape you are able to replicate your actual home online.  Create your virtual home by adding the spaces your home has like bedrooms, closets, yard areas, a workshop, basement…or any space!  With your spaces created you can then add your household assets and equipment such as a dishwasher, your car or even new carpet.  When you provide HomeShape with the manufacturer and the model information, HomeShape uses proprietary analytics to research your household assets along with information about your home demographics to come up with a maintenance plan, relevant documents and other information so that you can be sure you have all you need to keep your home performing at its best.  We will also feed you information on specific products or services you may need like which filter you need for your water filtration system or for your furnace and we will send you the names of local service provides in case there is a job too complex for your Do-it-Yourself abilities or when you just don't have the time. 

As a new member, you get several spaces already created for you.  You can add your items to these default spaces or add new spaces. 

Adding spaces is easy – just click on one of the icons for default spaces or choose the Add My Own icon to create a brand new space to add to your home.

With spaces in your home you can add your items.  These are the things you want to keep track of for maintenance.  It doesn’t only have to be hardware like a lawn mower – it can be something like paint for your deck or a file drawer for your household records.  When you have something that does not have a make or model number, just enter N/A in the item details form.

Populate the item details form with as much information as you have.  If you have a photo of your actual item you can load it here as well.  You can also upload any electronic documents that you have that belong to that item.  This is good for keeping track of receipts (some documents you may need to scan and save to PDF first) or other documents you might collect for an item. 

When you populate an item’s details and provide a valid manufacturer and model number, HomeShape will post points to your account.  Your points will accumulate as you add more and more items and valid details.  When your points reach a pre-determined amount, you will be able to redeem the points for various awards such as gift cards or other home improvement related products.  When you use points your account will decrement, you can keep adding points on things like new purchases of products such as a new TV or a new car. 

You will sometimes see alerts posted to your home shapes and items.  This means that your HomeShape advisor has found something you should take notice of.  It could be a recall for that item, a suggestion for some kind of critical maintenance or even a recommendation for getting service done by a local vendor.  Alerts are sometimes also sent via email depending on the urgency.

Finally, you will find a calendar in your My Home page.  This calendar is for you to post your To-Do items and other events and you may find an occasional event posted by HomeShape using our algorithm that is specific to your home maintenance needs. 

Are you in the business of property management?  Use home shape to create all your individual properties and keep track of maintenance for each one and the property assets within.

Are you a home builder?  Pre-populate a HomeShape membership for your future buyer.  When you sell the newly constructed home, your new home owner will be thrilled to have a HomeShape account already waiting.

If you are a realtor, use HomeShape to create a membership for the listings you have.  Especially if the home is already vacant.  Advertise HomeShape in your media collateral and gain new sales because you offer the HomeShape advantage.