October 7 - 2015

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August 11 - 2015

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July 30 - 2015 

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July 16 - 2015

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - KelCraft Enterprises today launched HomeShape -- an innovative service that helps busy people maintain their homes efficiently. Two recent studies have found that Salt Lake City Residents are some of the hardest working people in the nation. Combining a busy career with family demands, life can get hectic. Often home maintenance takes a back seat, until something breaks and requires a costly repair or replacement. HomeShape can help.

HomeShape keeps track of appliances (major and small), cars, carpets, and essentially any other household item. Members will receive alerts when it's time to change a filter on their air conditioners or when a municipal leaf collection has been scheduled in their neighborhoods or when a recall has been issued on their cars. Members start the process by providing the manufacturer and model numbers of their possessions on HomeShape Household Advisors will make recommendations on how to keep your cars and appliances running smoothly and where to look for parts and services. Members will also get exclusive discounts at local vendors. Another timesaver, HomeShape will centralize your home’s records and all the digital owner's manuals of their members' belongings. HomeShape experts will provide information on specific parts that fit their clients' appliances--so members won't need to spend hours trying to hunt down the exact filter for their furnace or cables for their television sets. 

"HomeShape gives members peace of mind and more time to enjoy the things they love. “Life is stressful enough without the concerns of proper home maintenance and organization – why not let someone else deal with that?" said KelCraft President and Founder Cort Keller. "We save our clients time, money and headaches and we know that a well-maintained home also earns a higher resale value.

To register, go to Membership is free for a limited time. Members accumulate points, as they add household items and manufacturer information to their virtual homes. They can later exchange those points for gift cards and other products.

About HomeShape – The home up-keep service was born out of frustration. In 1997, the company's founder Cort Keller wasted several hours making multiple trips to home improvement stores, trying to find a filter to fit his furnace. Keller thought there's got to be a better way. "I should be able to sign up for a service that provides regular home maintenance information when I need it, automatically," said Keller. That's how HomeShape began. 

For more information, please contact Cort Keller at (801) 747-9546 or at Photos are available upon request